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water resistant mineral zinc cream by big blue cosmetica at Moppy and Eco

Big Blue Cosmetica Water Resistant Mineral Zinc Cream

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Our Reef-safe, water resistant mineral zinc cream is for the eco-conscious! High level protection from the sun's harmful rays with 25% non-nano zinc oxide, water resistant and non-greasy. Proudly tested on people (not animals!) under the harsh Aussie sun.

This 100% natural formula contains photo-reflective mineral zinc oxide from The Netherlands, which is also naturally very soothing to skin - making this cream excellent for both protecting skin and (if you're unlucky) post-sunburn treatment.

Perfect for use on the face with highly nutritious macadamia oil as the base; a beautifully lightweight oil which is readily absorbed, as well as the inclusion of organic tapioca powder for its moisture absorbent properties to help you combat the sweatiness of summer heat. Raw unbleached Victorian beeswax is what makes the cream stay put and gives it a good water-resistant quality, but as with all sunscreens, reapplication after swimming or excessive sweating is important for maximum efficacy, and wearing appropriate clothing and sunglasses is always a good idea especially during peak UV times.

A little goes a long way so take care to not apply too much and rub in well. Although the cream appears white, if appropriately rubbed in you should be able to see the zinc particles when you look closely at your pores but it should not leave your skin looking all pasty white at all. Suitable for daily use.


macadamia ternifolia seed oil, zinc oxide* (25%), cera alba (beeswax), organic tapioca*.
*denotes imported ingredient

This is a natural product with a limited shelf life. Please use within 24 months of purchase and keep away from direct sun and excessive heat the prolong product life.

Once empty - KEEP THE TIN ! You can return it for a $2 refill discount, contact  to find out how) or alternatively find a way to repurpose or recycle it.