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Haze by who is Elijah at Moppy and Eco
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  • Solart.Gallery Rain Drop Earrings
    Drop Play earrings by Solart at Moppy and Eco
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Bouquet by Sugarmoon Blooms at Moppy and Eco


Designed to be friendly on our delicate world. The products we choose are modern, natural and a great design, produced by ethical makers both locally and overseas. 

Sage heels by South of the Border at Moppy and Eco

Hand Crafted

We consciously curate products that will help you live sustainably. Products which are eco friendly, organic, sustainably sourced, and if possible biodegradable, whilst providing an ethical income stream for developing communities. 

Handwash by Juilette at Moppy and Eco

Hand Made, Vegan.

It isn't hard to make small changes to our shopping habits, which will reduce the impact we have on the environment. The makers we promote are small businesses who use sustainable methods, source ethically, and are eco friendly.